A FIREWORKS display intended for young children has been criticised due to parents being misled about the event.

The Blakemere Village bonfire night event advertised that it was going to have a firework and visual display without the noise for young children to enjoy but visitors found this was not the case.

The event organisers have now apologised.

A spokesperson for Blakemere Village said: “Blakemere Village would like to apologise for the child friendly firework display at our event last night.

“We were advised by Nemisis Fireworks who we contracted to do our displays that the child friendly display would have no loud bangs and would last for approximately 10 minutes.

“We would never have advertised it on this basis if we hadn't been advised to do so by Nemesis. We will be contacting them first thing on Monday to complain profusely.

“We were extremely pleased with the main firework display they put on later in the evening.

“However we are very unhappy that the child friendly display upset any children in the audience as that was not our intention.

“We wanted to offer children an enjoyable evening and alternative to usual displays.”

Steve Cleaver, displays manager at Nemisis Pyrotechnics Limited, said: "As far as we are concerned there is no such thing as noise-free fireworks.

"We do not portray that the fireworks are noise-free.

"They are what they are, with a detonation there is always going to be noise.

"The advertisement of it being noise-free was not our advert.

"I would describe them as low-noise fireworks and when we get them in there is a noise grading from one to five, one being quietest and five being loudest.

"For that display the fireworks would have been taken from the low end of the grading, either one or two."

The event took place on Saturday, November 3 at 6.30pm.