THE inaugural ‘Now Northwich’ event held this weekend was a huge success as thousands lined the streets to watch a variety of performances.

The headline act for the event was ‘Saurus’ performed by Netherlands-based ‘Close Act’.

The performance features dinosaurs roaming the streets among the crowds using fire, light and music to create a unique atmosphere.

The event was organised by Graham Listers who was also in charge of the Storyhouse project in Chester.

Cllr Sam Naylor, Northwich Town Council, said: “It was a huge success. I’ve never seen so many people in Northwich and I have lived here for 60 years.

“I will certainly be campaigning for this to become an annual event.

“Local councillors in Northwich have been desperate for something like this to happen to show how the town is on the up.

“The river festival was successful and events like these are bringing more people into Barons Quay.”

“I was there throughout the day. The dinosaurs were fantastic but the street performances in the day were just as impressive especially ‘Urban Astronaut’.

“Northwich should be proud of an event like this.

Cllr Sam Naylor is delighted with the regeneration work going on behind the scenes in Northwich and he believes events like this are an important aspect of that.

He said: “There will be a big demand for more events like this by both the conservatives and labour, both parties will want a similar event confirmed for next year.

“The event cost about £50,000 to put on and as far as I’m concerned that was money very well spent.

“Local traders will have done so well off the back of that and it makes a statement that positive things are happening in Northwich.

“The only negative, if there was one, was getting in and out of the car park but this is something we can look at when organising an event like this down the line.”