RESIDENTS are up in arms over plans to increase by 50 per cent the number of houses on part of a development in Moulton.

The opposition comes in the wake of an application by Bovis Homes to Cheshire West and Chester Council to build 24 houses on land at Beehive Lane.

Approval was given in 2015 for an estate of 148 houses off Barnside Way, which are being built.

The two parcels of land which are the subject of the latest application have consent for 15 homes, which Bovis wants to increase to 24.

The previously approved scheme was for nine five-bedroom, three four-bedroom and three three-bedroom houses, and contained no affordable homes.

The latest application would see 18 three-bedroom houses, one of which would be affordable, four four-bedroom and two two-bedroom, both being affordable homes.

Planning consultants said the scheme increased the density of development on these parcels of land, and included an increased proportion of smaller homes to meet the market demand identified by Bovis.

The application has sparked opposition from people living on the new development.

One resident said: “This will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on those of us already living in this quiet development due to an increase in noise and the added disturbance of more houses in such a small area.

“I selected this plot based on its distance from the existing affordable housing, and now find myself in a position where these houses will be on my doorstep.

“I believe this will cause an unacceptably high density of homes in one small area.

“Bovis are having to 'steal' garden area from the existing plots that remain in order to squeeze these extra houses in.

“Bovis are fundamentally changing the demographic of this development from what we were originally promised and that is in no way acceptable.

“This will have an effect on the character of our neighbourhood and the sense of community that has been built by existing residents.

“Instead of looking out over a small number of attractive four and five-bed properties, I face the prospect of being overlooked by not only an increased number of houses but unaesthetically pleasing affordable housing.”

Another resident said: “More houses will cause increase in traffic outside my house. We now will have a driveway facing directly into our kitchen. This will now have headlights directly into our window, and extra noise from cars slamming doors.”

A fellow resident said: “These new plans have changed the layout to now include a house which will be directly facing ours, which will impact on the privacy of my young family.

“The unnecessary inclusion of additional affordable housing on this side of the development will impact on the existing demographic of the area.”