A MUM left breathless after climbing stairs is now enjoying power walks.

Debbie Lambert says she feels like a new woman after losing five-and-a half-stone.

The mum-of-three, from Rudheath, was nominated for three awards at her Slimming World club – woman of the year, greatest loser and Miss Slinky.

She was shortlisted for the north west regional heat of woman of the year 2018.

“I feel absolutely wonderful,” said mum-of-three Debbie, 49. “I’ve got bags of energy and so much more motivation inside me.

“I was always out of breath, now I’ve even started power walking with my husband.”

Debbie suffered a breakdown after both her parents died.

“I started drinking and comfort eating,” she said.

Then, as she recuperated, she fell in the garden and broke her leg and ankle.

“I was in a wheelchair for three months and piled more weight back on.

“At Christmas we went out for lunch and took photographs. I thought I looked huge. I needed to be a new me.

“After losing my dad at 59 and mum at 65 I thought I can’t put my family through this again. I’ll have to start turning my life around and live for my family.”

Her parents Elaine and Jim Gannon lived in Rudheath.

Debbie was determined to improve her health so she could enjoy life with husband Paul and sons Tom, 24, Jack, 22 and Ben, 20.

“I used to eat a lot of bread,” said Debbie. “I’d have sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, chips, pies and casseroles.”

Debbie has dropped five dress sizes from a size 20 to 12.

“I used to mask myself in huge clothes and baggy jumpers” she said. “Now I wear more colour and buy fitted things.”

She now does the admin for her husband’s business, Mini Dribblers, coaching and teaching children’s football.

“I feel like a different person. It’s a new life. My journey has been amazing. I will never go back to how I was.”