THE 1st Davenham Scouts Group has received a letter of thanks from the UK’s chief Scout, Bear Grylls.

The group has been working this year on a clean water and sanitation project, which has included fundraising for WaterAid to help bring clean water to more people across the world.

Earlier this year, a group of Beavers aged six and seven – plus members of the Cubs – walked from the village to Moulton and back carrying bottles of water.

The sponsored trip aimed to help raise awareness of how far children in some countries have to walk, often several times a day, just to access clean water to drink and cook with.

Chief Scout Bear said: “I’m so proud of the difference 1st Davenham Scout Group are making in their local community as well as across the world.

“1st Davenham Scout Group have chosen to focus on clean water and sanitation. This means that through Scouting’s A Million Hands campaign they have spent time learning about the issue, finding out about the people it affects and working with WaterAid to take action to make a real difference.

“I would just like to say ‘A Million Thanks’ to these incredible Scouts, who are fighting this injustice. They have learnt skills for life as well as making a huge impact; they really are shining lights in their community.”

The ‘A Million Hands’ initiative is so-called because the Scouting movement aims to get all of its 500,000 contributing to help bring about change.

The Davenham Beaver Scouts have so far raised more than £500 towards the project, which sees WaterAid support Scouts in Madagascar to raising awareness of the importance of hand washing and getting water pumps and toilets built.

Almost half of Madagascar’s population has no choice but to drink dirty water, contributing to diarrhoeal diseases that claim the lives of 4,000 children every year.