WARNINGS have been posted in Weaverham after Lyme disease was deteced in a village woodland.

The infectious disease has recently been detected at Owley Wood.

The Friends of Owley Wood have posted notices saying: "Beware, Lyme disease has been detected at Owley Wood.

"Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria spread by ticks.

"The most common sign of the infection is an expanding area of redness on the skin that grows at the site of the tick bite for about a week after it occured."

You can avoid tick bites by covering your skin while walking outdoors, sticking to paths wherever possible and using insect repellent.

Most tick bites are harmless and can be easily removed. You should seek medical advice if you notice the distinctive 'bullseye' rash and suffer flu-like symptoms within a month of being bitten.

Owley Wood is an ancient woodland on the steep banks of the River Weaver, to the north east of the village.