HAVE your blasters at the ready as the zombie apocalypse arrives in Winsford this Tuesday.

Organised by Cllr Graham Cawley, the zombie virus will take its hold on the town across the four weeks of August – starting on Tuesday, August 7 – as people battle it out with Nerf Guns to be the last one standing.

He said: “These kinds of events are very popular in cities like Manchester and Liverpool so I thought it would be quite nice to get people outside and active in a very fun and unique way.”

Each player will need to bring their own Nerf blaster, which should be clearly labelled with their names. The community group will be supplying the foam darts used as ammunition and safety goggles.

Explaining the general rules of the game, Graham said: “The zombies aim is to simply wipe out the humans while the humans aim is to survive the zombie outbreak.

“Individual games will have their own storylines and will give humans an opportunity to come out on top. However, the humans must survive for long enough to take advantage of that opportunity.”

The game is typically played over an hour or two; with multiple ‘battles’ in a single day.

Players must be over the age of 16 on the day of the game unless accompanied by responsible adult.

The first game will take place at the GGO Community Bungalow, in Finsbury Walk, from 1pm.

The group are still looking for people able to help out on game days as referees and to play the parts of zombies.

A full list of rules and safety instructions can be read on the group’s Facebook page - facebook.com/WinsfordHvZandNerfClub/