NEW drivers in Northwich were more successful in their tests over the past year than the north west average, as the best day to pass approaches.

In total, 50.1 per cent of learner drivers who took their test at Northwich's driving centre in Felix Road between April 2017 and March 2018, compared to 47.2 per cent across the north west.

The DVSA figures have emerged as comparison site reveals that tomorrow, Saturday, August 4, is statiscally the best day to take your driving test - the day learner drivers across the UK are most likely to pass.

In Northwich, 54.5 per cent of the town's 1,707 male learners passed their test during that period, compared to 46.3 per cent of the 1,978 female learners.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at said: “Taking a driving test, be it for the first or fifth time, is always a daunting experience for learner drivers.

"So we have tried to take the pressure off a little bit by creating an interactive calendar which helps learners in the north west to identify the best date, month and time to book their driving test.

“There is a myth that examiners only pass a certain number of students on one day, but this calendar proves that this isn’t the case.

"There are clearly other factors that learners need to consider when it comes to booking their test.”

For learners taking their first test, 489 men avoided a retest compared to 430 successful women - although four female drivers enjoyed a perfect 'no-fault' first test compared to two male drivers.

You can find the pass success calendar at