A SUPPORT group for Winsford parents who have children with autism are holding an open day event in Wharton Library.

Gabriella Della-Rocca, who has a daughter with autism, decided to set up the group to provide support for parents in the community as a place to share tips they have come across to help with situations in day-to-day life that can be stressful for autistic children.

She said: “I want to support other parents by providing them with a place to come, meet up and share their experiences and hopefully find things that can help make their child’s life much easier. If we can get enough interest then I would look at doing some kind of autism-friendly days out and activities.”

The self-funded group are also appealing for help through donations of cakes, sandwiches, balloons, craft supplies for the open day.

The free event will take place on Thursday, July 12, at the library building in Willow Square.

Contact Gabriella on 07434 547702 for more information.