Winner: Turturici, Davenham

A TASTE of authentic Sicilian cuisine has won the hearts and mouths of Northwich diners over the past 11 years.

Traditional Italian ristorante Turturici – so named after its owners who hail from the south Sicilian province of Agrigento – draws influence from memories of childhood tastes, bringing high quality produce to provide an extensive menu.

Diversifying to suit the needs of its loyal customer base, Turturici itself remains loyal to its roots with a rich selection of pizza, pasta, seafood and meats.

Giuseppina Turturici Barnes said: “The head of our family, Filippo Turturici, owns agricultural land that is farmed to this day, where generations of us have been brought up cooking with locally grown and handpicked produce.

“From these modest beginnings stem my passion for authentic Sicilian food – it is this passion that inspired me to open an Italian restaurant in Cheshire, which would remain true to the heritage and tradition of my family.

“We aim to continue as we are, updating and innovating our menu in alignment with customers’ tastes whilst being ever sure not to lose sight of the Sicilian tradition that is so integral to the heart of Turturici.”

The restaurant in Davenham boasts charm and elegance in equal measure, with a dash of Sicilian passion maintaining its high standards and consistently challenging its chefs.

Giuseppina said: “We are still just as passionate about good, authentic food as when opened the doors to our guests some 11 years ago.

“We set a high standard for our food quality and ensure that our guests receive the same quality with every meal.

“Serving quality food consistently has earned us a good reputation, and compels our guests to return and dine with us again.”

Using local producers and offering fine wine, the restaurant’s menu has evolved from a childhood dream into an award-winning reality.

Our menu is predominantly inspired by the tastes of my childhood – both the traditional and the modernised dishes and flavours of my Sicilian heritage,” Giuseppina said.

“Our menu has been carefully crafted not only with my own experience in mind, but also to reflect the expertise of our team of highly skilled chefs.”


Turturici, Davenham

Giovannis, Knutsford

Rango’s, Winsford

Pastiche, Knutsford

Tianos, Northwich


Sarah Morris said: “We’ve been to Turturici a few times and it’s never disappointed.”

John Thompson said: “The only problem I have with Turturici is trying to decide what to have from the menu – want it all!”

Amy Cresswell said: “Giovannis is my favourite Italian by far. Much better than a number of high street chains.”

Highly commended: Giovannis, Knutsford

JUST beaten to the top spot in the category for ‘Best Italian’ Giovannis offers an authentic taste of Italy.

Manager Giulio is passionate about giving the people of Knutsford the best food possible.

He said: “As a family we have always eaten out a lot and have always looked for a warm welcoming restaurant. We wanted to start a new venture within the restaurant industry and chose Knutsford as we love to visit there."

The signature dish recommended by the manager is Coste Di Maiale.
Guilio said: “Marinated and barbecued spare ribs served with a piquant sauce. Ribs are definitely a signature dish as the recipe has been adapted over many, many years.”

Guilio believes the reason for Giovannis' success is the quality of food they have on offer.

He said: “The quality of our food, listening to our customers and caring about feedback we receive. We love the community around the Knutsford area and would like to be here serving great Italian food for many years to come.”

Their plans for the future are simply to maintain their relationship with the community and the high standard of food.

Guilio added: “We plan to listen to the community about what they want, to continue delivering high quality food and bring them the best Italian dining experience in Knutsford so they always return.”

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All winners have been chosen thanks to readers' votes in the spring.