A COUPLE whose life-long ambition is to create the ‘perfect luxury dog kennels’ have embarked on their dream in Weaverham, by opening a £350,000 canine boarding centre.

Robert Duncan, 29, from Lymm, and his partner Emma Horsefield, 27, from Edinburgh, have realised their dream of owning a dog kennel after officially opening on the first weekend of June, thanks to an astronomical investment from Robert’s parents.

“We looked all over Cheshire for over a year, before we found this house with stables that had enough space to build on,” Duncan told the Guardian.

Named the Canine Clubhouse, the nine-acre countryside centre in Wallerscote Road aims to bring the ‘highest quality dog boarding kennels in Cheshire.’

All 12 kennel rooms are equipped with underfloor heating, plush bedding and double-glazed windows.

The couple moved in on the turn of the year in 2016 after receiving planning permission and began construction of the site in November of 2017.

Duncan said: “Emma used to work at the Dogs Trust in Manchester and studied Veterinary Bioscience at Glasgow University.

“Her knowledge was a massive help, knowing stuff like the dogs to not face one another in their rooms to reduce any tension or barking.

"I was really pleased with how it ended up. The amazing bedrooms and large outdoor field, where the dogs can run free without any leads, being my favourite parts.”