A MEETING to discuss the future of bus services in Winnington Village is set to be arranged.

Along with calls for public transport links closer to the new developments, which will eventually see 1,200 homes in the area, concerns have been raised about the idea of buses driving within the estate itself.

At present, services travel along Winnington Lane but do not venture down Winnington Avenue or into the urban village, although the possibility remains of diverting occasional services closer to new homes.

Cllr Brian Jamieson had been contacted by residents after rumours spread of an incoming bus stop in Western Way, and brought the information to Northwich Town Council on Monday evening.

Town clerk Chris Shaw told members: “Cllr Jamieson has been approached by residents about the buses actually going into the village.

“He has asked us to request a meeting with some residents and the bus company.”

While questions were raised around the viability of the route for the bus providers, councillors agreed that a meeting should go ahead in order to find out what can be done.

Cllr Paul Dolan, who represents Winnington and Castle on Cheshire West and Chester Council, said: “Coming down Winnington Avenue you could be a mile away from the edge of the estate.

“Some people won’t have access to cars and rely on public transport, so a bus that could at least be trialled there to explore what is viable and needed is really important.”

Cllr Terry Murphy, Northwich Town Council member for Winnington ward, said residents had voiced safety concerns about bringing buses into the estate, and would welcome the chance to discuss alternatives with bus service providers.

Cllr Murphy said: “The residents don’t want the bus going into the estate.

“We need to look and see what is viable for the bus company. We really need to meet with them.”

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