A COUNCILLOR is looking to bolster security on Leftwich Green after travellers took up residence on the field and left rubbish strewn around.

A group of travellers camped in the village at the end of May, leaving the field out of bounds for families over for the scorching Bank Holiday weekend.

Now, Cheshire West and Chester Council member for Leftwich Cllr Gaynor Sinar is looking to use her personal council fund to stop a repeat of the ordeal.

Suggestions so far include installing either posts, sleeper logs, or undulating grassy mounds around the field’s perimeter to prevent vehicular access.

Cllr Sinar said: “I just want to secure the field and have access to it for all the residents.

“We don’t want just anybody to be able to drive onto the field, because it’s going to damage it. All we need is access for a lawnmower and that could be properly gated.

“Around the outside edges, we just need something – what that something is is up to people to decide. I am open to suggestions.

“You can get these white posts that are spaced out to stop cars getting through but blend in, and there has been a suggestion of big logs spaced out as more of a rustic look.

“I was talking to the council about it and they have some similar schemes at smaller places like parks before.

“It’s a case of costing it – we have got to get the best value for money as well as something aesthetically pleasing.”

The actions of the group of travellers were slammed at a Northwich Town Council meeting on Monday.

It is thought the council could top up any scheme with an emergency fund.

Cllr Sinar added after the meeting: “These kinds of people that dump rubbish are an embarrassment to the true gypsy tradition.”

Email Cllr Sinar with suggestions for the Leftwich Green gaynor.sinar@cheshirewestand chester.gov.uk