RUDHEATH residents Bob and Margaret Green recently celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary with their family and close friends.

The couple, who have been married for 50 years, recently had a party at Hartford Hall for their golden wedding anniversary.

Margaret said: “It was such a shock for us to turn up and find that our family had gone to so much effort. It was a lovely evening with cake, champagne and good times.”

In 1964, at age 24, Bob came to the north west from Bristol as a travelling steeplejack, tending to the chimneys at ICI in Northwich.

After meeting Margaret in The Roebuck pub, formerly in Witton Street, he gave up his travelling lifestyle and started their relationship.

He said: “I remember it well. Simply put, she was the most beautiful woman I ever met.”

Bob worked for a building firm after giving up his traveller lifestyle and Margaret took a job as a dinner lady for more than 30 years at Victoria Road School as well as having worked in the Regal Cinema, formerly in London Road, where the two shared their first date to watch an Elvis Presley film.

The couple have two children - Carl and Dawn - and four grandchildren - Cavin, Sam, Tom and Charla.

Margaret fondly reflected on the time spent in their Malpas Road home, which they have lived in for nearly 40 years, saying: “We’ve lived here since my daughter Dawn was just six years old. There are lots of happy memories made that I’ll always cherish in this house.”

When asked what the secret to their long marriage was, Bob said: “I think, if you’ve done something wrong, just say sorry. Like everyone, we have little squabbles over nothing but as long as you don’t let things build up then you’ll be just fine.”

Margaret added: “Every couple is the same, when problems come along, and they just seem like mountains to climb it can be easy to give up. But when you’ve get that special someone getting you through each day, you’ll come down the other side of that mountain stronger because of it.”

The couple look forward to getting out into the garden this summer and spending time together - as well as many more happy years of marriage.