CYCLISTS are invited to help a Winnington gym raise funds to support a school in eastern Kenya.

Team Foy Gymnasium members Angela and Gordon Atkinson, who are also charity trustees for Under the Mango Tree, are helping to raise £3,000 to ensure children have the support they need to succeed in their pursuit of education.

The team are hoping to raise money to help reach the target that Under the Mango Tree have pledged to donate to the school with a sponsored cycle.

Anthony Foy, who owns the Winnington gym, said: "We wanted to help and decided on a marathon cycle ride here in the gym. This is a brilliant cause and I am certain that many of our clients and friends will want to contribute to achieving this challenge.

“Anyone else who would like to take part will be very welcome to get in touch."

On average, the trustees believe children, who set off for school as early as 6.30am, walk almost two kilometres in poor conditions for the chance of an education and a better life.

Gordon said: “We came to the target of 620 kilometres for this challenge because there are 310 children registered with the charity, so doubling that number is about equivalent to the total distance walked by the whole school.

“Children from this poor, rural community are desperately keen to get a good basic education, but it means walking to school and for some they have to walk long distances.”

The school has a feeding programme in place, which costs around £600 a month to fund and averages at £2 a child. At school, the children will have a mug of porridge for breakfast and then rice or beans at lunch time.

Under the Mango Tree, a registered charity based in Northwich established in 2012, works to support Timboni School to provide the community with the best local education.

Gordon Atkinson added: “Most of the children also set off for school without any breakfast and the school’s feeding programme is an important aspect of school life, not least because hungry children don't learn well.

“A good education is one of the most effective routes to breaking the relentless cycle of poverty, it really does give young people a better chance in life.”

To get involved in the challenge, call the gym on 07712 638964.