A PILOT has emerged uninjured from a plane crash in Winsford

A light aircraft is said to have come down in fields behind Glebe Green Drive, having been travelling in a south-westerly direction.

Emergency services are at the scene, and the pilot - the only person on board - has only minor injuries.

Bob Barcoe was stood in his garden with a builder and saw the aftermath of the crash.

He said: "It's only about 50 yards from us. We looked out and saw what looked like the tail of a plane in the air.

"The helicopter came fairly quickly along with the emergency services. Because it's in the middle of a field they were running across to it.

"It looks to us like someone is standing on the other side of the plane with a paramedic."

Police were called to the incident shortly after noon today, Wednesday.

A spokesman said: "At 12.17pm today, emergency services were called to a light aircraft crash in Winsford.

"The plane came down in a field near Vauxhall Way.

"The pilot was assessed at the scene by the air ambulance and is believed to have minor injuries.

"The Civil Aviation Authority is being informed."

A Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "At 12.21pm firefighters were called to reports of a light aircraft coming down in a field near Vauxhall Way in Winsford.

"Crews discovered that the solitary occupant - the pilot - had exited the aircraft.

"The aircraft was not on fire.

"The pilot was assessed at the scene by North West Air Ambulance and is believed to have only suffered minor injuries."