A HEALTHY bistro has opened in Northwich and the owner has received a special welcome.

Eat Clean Cuisine has opened in Witton Street and founder Myles Smethurst spoke to The Guardian about the opening day.

He said: “It was very good, nice and busy. The people have been very polite just popping in and wishing us good luck which is really nice.”

In order to get the restaurant into working order a lot of refurbishments were required.

Myles said: “It looks really good, it doesn’t look how it did when we got it, we’ve put up a big banner to make it look a bit fresher and sharper.

“We’ve also painted the outside and we basically ripped out the kitchen and started again. I don’t know how but we did it all in six days.

“We’ve now got something the locals can be proud of.”

The opening two days proved to be busy for the Eat Clean team and Myles suggested that it does make the early months difficult.

He said: “I’m a bit old school, at first I’d rather it be a tiny bit slower just so I can make sure I’ve got the right staff. I’d rather work up to it being really busy.

“For the moment I’m solely going to be in Northwich until I’ve got a chef I’m comfortable with and with demand being this high it’ll probably take around three to six months to steady it.

“I always get anxious with any new restaurant I open but I just look at how far the building has come and it’s insane, you can’t recognise it. I’m trying to build a franchise so I want everywhere to have the same look.”

Myles is delighted with the welcome he has received in Northwich and he believes it is an exciting time for the area.

He said: “Every time I put the news on they seem to be saying Northwich is up and coming.

“I still can’t believe how polite everyone has been, there’s a real sense of community here.

“We had a customer on opening day asking for a meal and he actually phoned up at around 8.30pm just to say thanks.

“We’ve never had anything like that before, its really nice to know that people care.”