MORE than 2,000 people have signed a petition in the past three days to keep the Hartford campus of Warrington and Vale Royal College open. 

The Guardian broke the news on Friday that the majority of the campus is set to close in September with courses moving to Warrington and Winsford

It was also announced that 56 full time staff members would be made redundant. 

Stuart Williamson has now launched a petition in an attempt to save the longstanding college campus, further education provision for young people in Northwich and the jobs of 56 people. 

Stuart said: "I've started this petition in the hope that we can save our local college - Warrington and Vale Royal College - formerly known as Mid Cheshire College.

"On a personal level I have twin daughters, and my niece and nephew due to start there this summer. I also have a cousin who's son is currently studying there.

"I find it appalling that the powers that be could consider such a move like this. If we as parents were to deny our children of an education then I'm sure these same powers that be would remove our children from our care. HYPOCRICACY AT ITS FINEST......

"I'm aware that the local MP Mike Amesbury doesn't support this idea and shares the same concern as we do for the wellbeing of our children's future and he is hoping to address the matter in parliment. I'm hoping this petition and as many signatures as we can muster up together will help to support his case in parliament."

The petition currently has more than 2,000 signatures and rising. 

To sign the petition, click here