TALENTED young actors Sam Rees and Annie Cusselle enjoyed 'a really cool night' on Thursday as the red carpet was rolled out to celebrate Oscar success.

Curzon Knutsford welcomed Sam and Annie, who feature in an Oscar-winning film.

Annie, from Holmes Chapel and Sam, from Knutsford, play a brother and sister in a short film which centres on a profoundly deaf girl taught the gift of communication by a caring social worker.

The Silent Child was named best live action short at the Oscars, and was shown at The Curzon in Knutsford, along with the other short films nominated.

Annie and Sam, who attends The Grange School in Hartford, and Knutsford Academy respectively, attended the screening with their families and friends.

Sam told the Guardian: "It was pretty packed on Thursday, and it was brilliant to see so many people.

"My parents and sister went, as well as a couple of my friends, neighbours and family friends. My drama teacher also attended with a few other staff from school, which was a nice suprise.

"The Curzon staff were really nice in allowing us to take photos on the red carpet and around the cinema.

"It was just a really cool night and I was happy to see everyone there and hear what they thought about The Silent Child.

"But also it was a great opportunity for me and Annie to see our competitors, whose films were phenomenal."

Annie said: "The screening was very surreal as my family and so many of my friends came to watch the film and there were definitely more people there than I expected.

"It was an honour to watch the other films as they were absolutely incredible, and it was amazing to be up against some amazing films.

"It was so lovely to see so many people who came to support Sam and I, and it was such a special night for both of us and our friends and families." 

The screening was also attended by representatives from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to promote the work of the organisation, which trains clever dogs to help deaf people,

The organisation said: "We train dogs to alert deaf people to sounds they would otherwise miss – simple sounds that many people take for granted like the doorbell, alarm clock and even danger signals like the fire alarm.

"Being aware of these – thanks to a hearing dog – makes a real difference to deaf people’s lives."

Sam added: "I was very happy that the men and women from Hearing Dogs for The Deaf could come - they raised around £120 that night, which was great."

For more details visit hearingdogs.org.uk

Sam and Annie attend the Actor Tribe acting school, which put them forward for an audition for the 20-minute film.