A CHEERLEADING group has received donations to help them get the uniforms it needs to enter competitions.

Apex Cheer is hoping to be able to enter competitions by the end of the year and with a little bit of help they are almost there.

Megan Berry, 22, owner and founder of Apex Cheer, spoke to The Guardian about the latest donation they received from Coveris, fundraising and the exciting year ahead.

She said: “The owner of the company’s daughter comes to the class so when he found out we needed sponsorship he offered to help us out with £500

“The money was for uniforms because they’re very expensive hand-made uniforms from Cheerworld. They cost £87.50 for a child size and £105 for an adult size.

“I can’t expect all of the parents to be able to afford that, so we’ve been doing sponsored walks and we’re looking to do a bag pack soon to help raise money.”

Megan is delighted with the effort being put in by the girls in her class.

She said: “We did a five mile walk around Northwich, they all did really well raising money and there were little seven-year-old girls doing the walk.”

It promises to be a busy and exciting year for Megan and Apex Cheer as they have started a senior team in the past month and recently they were invited to appear and perform at the annual Northwich Carnival.

Megan said: “They approached me and said they’d love to have us at the carnival, I was just thinking about how fantastic that would be for us.

“The parents are really excited about it because we haven’t done any competitions yet because we’re still getting the uniforms. I think this is a great opportunity for them because it gives them that competition feeling.

“As well as walking through the parade we will be performing as well so like the competitions it is a long day.

“We opened up a senior team last month as well because we had a lot of interest for people wanting to get back into cheerleading.

“It’s a success so far, there’s 15 in the team but the junior team have 30 so there is a big difference. We are looking for more people to join the team, the more the better because it means we can do more difficult stunts.”

For more information about how to sign up to Apex-Cheer visit the website apex-cheer.co.uk/