HARTFORD Church of England High School has retained its 'good' rating following a recent Ofsted inspection.

The inspection conducted by Insp Stephen Ruddy found that the school has maintained the good quality of education whilst making effective plans to meet the required improvements.

Insp Ruddy was impressed by the leadership at the school. He said of the manager: “You and other senior leaders, including those with responsibility for governance, set and promote the values of the school with clarity and consistency."

The Inspector also praised the systems in place at the school to monitor progress, he said: “You have introduced systems that regularly monitor and evaluate the progress that pupils make, across year groups and subjects.

“Consequently, you know where pupils’ progress is strong and where pupils or groups of pupils are not making the progress that they should. The measures that you put into place to support these pupils are precise and effective.”

Insp Ruddy also stated that the school is making improvements in the few areas that require it, he said: “You and other leaders are aware and have plans in place to support these pupils to catch up with their peers. Disadvantaged pupils’ attendance, although not yet in line with that of other pupils nationally, is improving rapidly.”