“IT’S brilliant this homecoming - it’s a special thing to be doing, it’s going to be lovely.”

Legendary DJ and Inspiral Carpets member, Clint Boon, could hardly contain his excitement as the Guardian caught up with him about his involvement with The Charlatans’ Northwich festival.

As part of The Charlatans’ first return to Northwich since 1990 – the year it all began for the iconic indie band – the band has called on a few of their friends to grace the town over a 10-day festival and help make their homecoming extra special.

Clint, now heard regularly on radio station XS Manchester, will be performing an aftershow DJ set at Northwich nightclub Retros, following one of the band’s four gigs at Memorial Court in May.

“I found out probably about two months ago, I was sworn to secrecy obviously,” Clint said.

“I’m always keen to do anything including Tim or The Charlatans, we’ve always had a close bond since the Madchester days and we’ve constantly been in touch.

“We’ve worked on a lot of stuff together. I’m always excited to do anything that’s got Tim’s or The Charlatans’ name on it. I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve done a couple of events around the area recently.

“I had a DJ gig at Winnington Recreation Centre for a charity called Tiny Steps and the audience there are brilliant - proper party people.”

The festival is also providing some young bands a chance to make a name for themselves and Clint is very excited for them.

He said: “The Blinders are one of the greatest live bands on the scene at the moment, I’ve seen them a couple of times. They’re just world class and they’re ready for the world.

“Deja Vega are brilliant as well, I’ve not seen them live yet but I’ve listened to their stuff and its brilliant.”

Everyone involved in the festival had to keep everything quiet until the announcement could be made by The Northwich Guardian on Thursday February 22. Clint thought the secrecy was worth the wait.

“It’s all to do with that magical announcement, if someone let the cat out of the bag too soon you wouldn’t get the same impact.

“In this day and age it’s timing for maximum impact and they did it well. The Charlatans are brilliant at that, working with social media.

“Tim’s right on it and Nick Fraser, Tim’s right hand man, he’s brilliant as well, he’s got a really good vision of how to make exciting things happen.”

This year is already a busy one for Clint Boon who has plenty of events on the calendar both with his radio show and the DJ gigs he performs regularly across the country.

“I’ve got a drivetime radio show five nights a week for XS Manchester so that’s the main thing I do then I probably do four or five DJ gigs a week at clubs.

“I’m doing a gig on the Shine cruise next week which is a big ship going to Amsterdam, that’s always a big party.”

The summer is proving to be a hectic one for Clint who has been booked to perform at several festivals this summer, a time which promises to be both exciting and hectic for the

“I’ve just got a busy year I’ve got a lot of DJ gigs at festivals. I’m doing the house party at Kendal Calling at the end of the weekend so I’m constantly busy.

“The Northwich event is one of the most special things that I’m really looking forward to.

Clint has established himself as one of the most popular brit pop/indie DJs in the country and he is extremely grateful he gets the opportunities to perform at events such as this festival in Northwich.

“I really enjoy doing it and I think that’s why people like it because they can see I’m buzzing on it. It’s infectious isn’t it when the DJ is into it you’re going to be into it that’s why it works.

“I enjoy doing it and they keep booking me so I must be doing something right.”

“It’s a privilege to be asked to do something like this, there’s a lot of other DJs out there and it nice when I get the call for such a great event. I’m from Oldham so I know how special something like this can be for the community.

“I’ve been involved in some great stuff in Oldham over the years and I can imagine it will be really special for Northwich residents.”

The Charlatans homecoming festival takes place from May 10 to May 20, with multiple events taking place all over Northwich. Clint Boon’s DJ set takes place on Friday, May 18, at Retros Music Bar.