A MILKMAN who over the last 32 years has become a valued member of the community is moving onto the next stage of his life.

Ian Paul,52, has been a big part of the Northwich community and after 32 years he has decided that it’s now time move on to another occupation.

After being a Rudheath and Northwich milkman for over three decades it will be an adjustment both for Ian and the community who hold him with such high regards.

Emma, family friend of Ian, said: “He’s been a big part of the community for so many years and he’s made so many friends.”

“He drives down the street and everyone is at the door waving at him. He’s absolutely gutted to be moving on.”

Ian over the years made extra effort to connect with the community he was working for and especially the elderly people on his milk round.

Emma said: “The elderly people will miss him because they all look forward to seeing him. Every week he goes in and sits down with them and has a chat, he really goes above and beyond his duties for the community.”

Ian is sad to be leaving his job that has seen him make many friends and become something of a ‘legend’ in the community, but he already has the next step of his life planned out.

Ian said: “There’s a paper shop in Barnton, I’m buying that. It gets me inside and I’ve been working outside for 32 years so that will be a nice change for me.”

There will be many aspects of the job that Ian will miss but there’s no question about what his favourite aspects of the job have been over the last 32 years.

Ian said: “The people who I’ve met, I’ve made many friends over the years and I like working through the night, it’s very peaceful.”

Ian would also like to thank all of his customers over the years for their support during his time at work and since he made the decision to move on.

It will be a strange adjustment for the people on Ian’s milk round but with his new paper shop in Barnton people can look forward to him still being a part of the community but in a different capacity.