A WINSFORD mum diagnosed with kidney cancer a rare heart condition is celebrating one year in the clear.

In 2015, Pippa Day’s life came crashing to a halt when – unbeknown to her – she suffered two heart attacks over the course of the weekend, before checking herself into hospital.

Pippa, who owns Just Jane Hair Studio in Winsford with her mum Jane Day, was diagnosed with Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, commonly known as SCAD.

The single mum was also dealt another devastating blow.

She said: “Many painful and scary tests later I was taken in a room and told that not only did I have a rare heart condition, they had also found a large tumour on my kidney, and it would need investigation.

“I was 34, a single mum to a beautiful two-year-old, and I felt like my world was ending. I was rushed to theatre as a priority and had my kidney removed.

“I was diagnosed with clear cell renal carcinoma and had to wait an excruciating six weeks to find out of it had spread to my lungs or liver.”

The news was especially hard for Pippa’s mum and dad, Jane and Howard Day.

Jane said: “It’s a parent’s nightmare, it’s like going to hell. It’s devastating.

“You’re sitting in a room and some stranger is telling you your daughter has got cancer. You’re whole world falls apart.”

Thankfully the cancer did not spread.

This month Pippa celebrated one year cancer free and to celebrate she has vowed to raise £34,000 for Kidney Cancer UK.

Pippa said a big inspiration for her fundraising drive is a former client, and friend, who recently died as a result of kidney disease.

“She was diagnosed a week or so before me," Pippa said. "We got through it together but unfortunately she found out later that it had spread to her lung as well.

“She was a very good friend to me, she gave me lots of support. She was a wonderful, wonderful lady. She’s been a big inspiration.”

On Friday, Pippa held a fundraising event to raise money and awareness for Kidney Cancer UK and plans to hold another event in May.

“You could call me unlucky but I don’t see it that way," Pippa said.

“I thank my heart attack for saving my life, and now it’s my turn to give back for my fortune to raise money for the amazing charity – Kidney Cancer UK.”

Jane added: "She’s turned her life around. Both me and her dad are so proud of her.”