LISTENERS of the morning show on Signal 1 will be familiar with the voice of Northwich’s Emma Jones, after she started her dream job in September.

Originally from Rudheath, Emma’s career was on a different path until an experience at university showed her where she could find her ideal job.

After studying journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, an opportunity in her final semester to get a taste for life in a radio studio showed her the direction she wanted her career to take.

After getting her journalism degree, the former Leftwich High School and Sir John Deane’s student took on a master’s degree in broadcast journalism.

The first opportunity to get into radio saw Emma take a morning show role based in Hull but this was never going to be her long-term position.

Emma said: “I only planned on staying there for two years so I wouldn’t be away from friends and family and just as I’d been there almost two years the opportunity to work with Signal 1 presented itself.”

Despite settling into her new role without too much discomfort, an issue familiar to anyone in the radio industry soon reared its head.

“Anyone who says they like the sound of their own voice on radio is lying,” she said.

“The best thing about the job for me is talking to people on air and making new friends from various walks of life.”

Connecting with the community is of huge importance to local radio stations and to do this, Signal 1 is currently running two major campaigns.

The first is the ‘Don’t Dance Alone’ campaign which is raising awareness for how dangerous loneliness can be for elderly people.

The campaign encourages people to upload videos to Facebook of them dancing with their grandparents, Emma’s favourite contribution so far involved an elderly person doing the latest craze of ‘dabbing’.

Emma added: “It’s about getting people to go and check if their neighbour is OK and connecting with their grandparents.

"The cause is very personal to me and for my contribution to the campaign I danced the waltz with my grandad, although he is a much better dancer than me.”

The other campaign is the ‘6 Degrees of Ryan Reynolds’ campaign, which involves the team at Signal 1 trying six different methods to try and get the Hollywood star into their studios.

The first of which is a hamper which they plan to send to the man himself and they are accepting items from the public, the next steps will be revealed as the station moves along with the campaign.