COMMUNITY minded residents turned out in force to try to eradicate dog poo from the streets of Davenham.

Over the weekend a team of 14 Davenham residents turned up to me help distribute 800 Cheshire West and Chester Council 800 leaflets to homes throughout the village warning of the dangers of owners failing to clean up after animals.

The effort was organised by resident Julie Horsfield, who was fed up with some lazy dog owners exposing children including those at the nearby Davenham CoE Primary School, to health hazards,

She took things into her own hands by relaunching her own version of The Pink Poo Campaign, which was formerly a Cheshire West and Chester Council project.

On Monday morning heavy rain temporarily scuppered efforts, but by 1pm, Julie and seven volunteers sprayed parts of the streets of Davenham pink, with the team marking up 168 poo deposits.

Julie said: “Most of these volunteers took time out of their own businesses to help with the campaign, half of which are responsible dog owners themselves.

“We concentrated on the central part of the village, including the park, as these circular routes are popular with dog walkers.”

The areas covered included London Road (roundabout to Fountain Lane), Hartford Road, Mount Pleasant, Charles Avenue, Fountain Court, Firth Fields, Church Street, Green Lane, Green Avenue, Laburnum Road and the playing field.

The poo trail was expected is now set to be removed later this week by the council’s Street Scene staff, but just in case the message doesn’t get through to the offenders, the volunteers will return to the streets over the coming weeks.

She explained: “The reaction from residents has on the whole been positive with just a couple thinking it wouldn’t make a difference.

“We could even hear the children of Davenham Primary School on their way home from school warning others to ‘watch out for the pink poo.’”

Julie, who got most of her backing from postings on social media said the public response she got was overwhelming.

She added: “Most people hadn’t realised just how bad the problem was in the village, but we are now hoping this campaign is going to make people more aware of their actions when leaving poop behind.

“It will also hopefully encourage those who know who the culprits are to come forward with more information so offenders can be dealt with.”