TWO talented sisters from Antrobus have been awarded Blue Peter badges.

Esme and Thea Williamson, aged 10 and eight respectively, received the badges earlier this month for two separate projects.

Thea received a green ‘environment’ badge for a large picture she drew highlighting giraffes as an endangered species.

Thea said: “I did it because I really adore giraffes. I like how they are the biggest mammal in the world and can run up to 30 miles per hour.”

Her sister Esme received the traditional blue badge for her writing about her love for Blue Peter.

Esme said: “When my dad was younger he used to watch Blue Peter all the time. I started watching it and became obsessed.

“It’s really cool that they have a range of things for lots of different ages. They have so many challenges and it makes it really fun to watch.”

The girls both received an individual, personalised response from Blue Peter this month on the same day.

Esme said: “It made me so excited because it was so personalised. It was almost like a celebrity was writing back to me.”

After receiving the badges, Esme and Thea were invited to talk in a special assembly at their school, Antrobus St Mark’s C of E Primary School.