MOULTON Preschool is celebrating after being rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

The preschool provides funded early education for two-three and four-year-old children.

The latest Ofsted report, which was published on December 26, 2017, rated Moulton Preschool Good across all areas following an inspection on December 5.

During the inspection the inspector observed the quality of teaching during activities indoors and outdoors, and assessed the impact this has on children's learning.

The staff’s inventive teaching methods was highlighted in the report.

The report said: “They fully immerse themselves in children's play and ask pertinent questions.

“For example, when playing with dough, they count the balls on a 'pizza' and help children with simple addition as they add one more.

“Staff's animated storytelling keeps children's interest at group times and helps them develop their literacy skills as they reflect back on what has happened and remember what will come next in the story.”

The behaviour of the children also came in for praise.

“Children behave well,” the report said. “They are very kind and caring towards younger children, and deal with potential conflict with great levels of maturity.

“For example, when a child sees that another is trying to use the same craft equipment, the first child suggests they work together on wrapping the present.

“Children are very independent, they confidently manage their own toileting needs and their lunchboxes at lunchtime.”

The report says that it has not rated the preschool ‘Outstanding’ as there were occasions when children were not encouraged enough by staff to think through problems to resolve them on their own.

The leadership and management of the preschool was also praised.

Gill Target, Moulton Preschool manager, is delighted with the verdict.

She said: “Moulton Preschool are extremely pleased with their recent Ofsted report, a great start to the new year.

“This showed the many strengths and highlighted the dedication of our Qualified experienced staff, who ensure at all times that the development of the children’s learning is delivered in a fun, safe and happy environment.”