Esther McVey's message for 2018    

2017 has been another turbulent and unpredictable year politically.

Trump continues to redefine the role of President and international relationships, the Russian bear has been awoken, North Korea stirs, Europe is undergoing significant change as the UK sets sail into new territory.

The snap General Election brought upheaval and Brexit dominates all political discourse and activity, as it will continue to dominate 2018 too.

Looking forward to 2018 as your new MP I will continue first and foremost being a local MP getting about the constituency and meeting local residents, businesses and charities.

I will continue with the campaign I started last year to get better rail and bus links for our area, and connecting with the Welcome Centre and the DWP to look for ways to get greater community support for those seeking work.

Added to that I will continue working with local residents to protect precious Greenbelt from overdevelopment, and where houses are built to ensure the necessary infrastructure - e.g. transport, schools and GPs - are put in place.

I'm delighted to be your new MP, to be part of this community and have moved my family home into the constituency, so there will be lots of unpacking of boxes well into the New Year! 

Here's hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas and wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.