THE regeneration of Weaver Square and Northwich town centre will not mean the closure of Victoria Infirmary.

That's the message from Cllr Sam Naylor, Cheshire West and Chester Council member for Winnington and Castle, who is reassuring residents that there are 'no plans' to ditch the site in Winnington Hill.

CWAC launched consultation on its Weaver Square masterplan in July 2016, with the relocation of public services on the agenda for the site's redevelopment.

But Cllr Naylor, who insists 'he 'would know' of any plans surrounding the infirmary, believes the site's future will not be affected by any plans for health services at Weaver Square.

"I can say for definite that there are no plans to attack anything that Victoria Infirmary is doing," he told the Guardian.

"One of the ideas that has been discussed for part of Weaver Square is for a public sector hub, which would be a one-stop location for a range of services – such as social services, health service and the police.

"But whatever is planned for a public sector hub, it would not risk closing the set-up at Victoria Infirmary.

"There is absolutely no way that I would do anything to jeopardise that, and I'm sure I speak on behalf of all Northwich councillors of all political persuasions by saying there is no desire to interfere with Victoria Infirmary."

A public sector hub at Weaver Square could involve the relocation of some GP surgeries, while it could also mean the closure of Northwich's police station, in Chesterway.

The Guardian revealed in August 2017 that preliminary talks had been held between CWAC and Cheshire Police regarding a land swap for the site.

"Instead of that monstrosity which is there now and needs knocking down, the police set-up could be part of a public sector hub," Cllr Naylor added.

"Do we need such a big police station in Northwich when the headquarters is in Winsford, and the detention centre is in Middlewich?

"The public sector hub could also involve the bringing together some doctors' surgeries, but that is all blue-sky thinking at the moment.

"There's nothing in the pipeline yet, these are all ideas at this stage. When anything is going to be planned then it will be open to public consultation."

It was also revealed last summer that flats were earmarked by CWAC as part of regeneration plans for Weaver Square.

Ideas for the masterplan are expected to be discussed in CWAC's Northwich regeneration forum.