A NORTHWICH man will feature in a new BBC documentary about mental health this week.

In 2016 BBC’s Newsbeat team began a search for young adults with a history of mental health issues to feature in its documentary, My Mind and Me.

Mat Clement, from Northwich, was suffering from anxiety and depression and wrote to producers so he could share his story to help others.

Mat, 30, and four women were chosen from 1,000 applicants to feature in the program.

Mat told the Guardian: “I was in a really dark place at the time.

“When I go to that place it is awful, and when I do I want to help people.

"Hopefully this will help them.”

Mat said he has suffered with anxiety and depression most of his life.

He was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during his time in the Royal Navy.

“I had therapy in the Navy for PTSD,” he said. “That was seven years ago and I left and never really though anything of it.

“When I look back I was always an anxious kid. I would always get nervous about social situations.”

Northwich Guardian:

Mat was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while in the Royal Navy

Filming My Mind and Me took around six months. Much of the footage was taken by Mat himself on his phone.

During the documentary Mat, who works for The Hut Group in Northwich, films himself having a panic attack.

He also opens up about his relationship with alcohol.

“I would just put up a front,” he said. “Most of the time when you go out then that gives you the confidence.

“I would drink to mask the feeling of it to make myself feel happy when I was really feeling awful.

“It’s like a revolving battle.”

Mat has now come to terms with his mental health issues, and believes he may never fully overcome them.

He said: “Until you realise it is not going to go away you’re not going to help yourself.

"It’s like a terminal illness, it’s not going to kill you but it will make your life miserable as long as it is there.”

Mat said his family have always been supportive throughout his struggles and through the making of the documentary.

He said he has a strong relationship with his sister, Laura, and she has helped him through tough times.

The former Guardian advertising representative also praised his current employers, The Hut Group.

He said: "Work have been briliant. They have been very, very supportive. My boss in particular has been amazing, he gives me a lot of support.

"To be honest if work weren't supportive I wouldn't work with them."

Northwich Guardian:

Mat and his sister, Laura Clement

My Mind and Me also features three other young women battling their own mental health issues.

The documentary shines the spotlight on mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, anorexia, OCD, and bipolar.

Through making the documentary, Mat has become friends with one of the other subjects.

"She lives in Crewe and I actually speak to her quite a lot now," he said.

"It's nice to speak to someone who is passionate about this as I am."

Mat saw the final cut of the documentary two weeks ago at a private screening.

He said: “It’s amazing. I can’t really relate to myself but everyone who has watched it has said it is so personal.

“I can relate to the other three. It’s very emotional, very powerful.”

He added: "I really think the documentary will change people's perception about mental health."

Mat has been contacted by a number of charities and now hopes he can carry on raising awareness of mental health and encourage others to speak about their own issues.

My Mind and Me is available on BBC iPlayer from Monday, in the Radio 1 section.