A SWEEPING injunction against anti-fracking protestors has been continued by a High Court judge.

The injunction – obtained by INEOS Shale in July – forbids any campaigner from interfering with their lawful activities, or risk being jailed, fined, or having their assets seized.

On Thursday, Mr Justice Morgan extended the injunction after it was challenged by two anti-fracking campaigners, Joe Corré, the son of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, and Joe Boyd.

Mr Boyd, who had argued that the injunction was oppressive and should be dismissed, said he would appeal the ruling.

In a three-day hearing earlier in the month, INEOS Shale presented the court with evidence of the threats faced by its operations.

These include dangerous direct action against a backdrop of intimidation and even death threats.

Tom Pickering, operations director of INEOS Shale, said the threats were ‘vile, abusive and frightening’.

INEOS is seeking costs, and the judge will make a decision in due course. The fracking giant also presented the court with evidence of direct action at shale sites that proved dangerous.

The Judge renewed all of the injunctions originally granted to INEOS in July 2017, with the exception of the injunction relating to harassment.

The INEOS chief welcomed the ruling.

Mr Pickering said: “The Health and Safety at Work Act requires us to minimise the risks on our sites.

“We safety train our people to avoid the very hazards hardcore activists naively expose themselves to.

“Walking in front of a lorry whose driver cannot see you is dangerous.

“Locking yourself to heavy machinery is dangerous. We have a duty to ensure everyone on and around our sites, including the activists themselves, are safe.”

INEOS was awarded three fracking licences in Cheshire in December 2015, with one of them covering Northwich and the surrounding area.

Earlier this month, after the three-day trial in the High Court was adjourned, campaign group Frack Free Northwich, said the injunction was ‘unworkable’.

A spokesman for the group said at the time: “It is the opinion of Frack Free Northwich that the injunction sought by INEOS is both unnecessarily wide ranging and infringes on the right to free speech.

“The current wording of the injunction is so broad that it is essentially unworkable.

“This injunction aims to prevent any kind of peaceful protest or objection against the interests of INEOS worldwide. It is clear that no single company should have the right to be above public scrutiny.”