WORK on restoring Northwich War Memorial to its former glory has now begun.

After its unveiling on July 8, 1925, the War Memorial outside of Witton Cemetery has been subject to almost 100 years of weathering causing wear and tear.

Northwich Town Council, along with Proffitts CIC, has been working hard behind the scenes to secure the funding needed to renovate the War Memorial. Restoration work begins today.

The work will include the cleaning and repointing of the monument with the lettering on the bronze plaque being highlighted, the name plaques being remounted into new railings and having sensitive up lighting installed to illuminate the memorial.

The majority of the works is set to be complete before Christmas with the new railings being installed following the festive period.

Stephanie Astbury, an administration assistant for Northwich Town Council, has been heavily involved in the renovation project.

She said: “This project has been happening behind the scenes for over a year and has been a massive learning curve for myself.

“As the work on the physical restoration of the War Memorial progresses we hope that the public will be able to see our vision of bringing it back to its former glory achieved.”

As well as the physical element of the project taking place Northwich Town Council are working closely with teachers and pupils at Witton Church Walk Primary School in order to bring the subject to life.

Pupils have been looking into their family tree with relation to the Wars and sharing interesting stories and items which have been kept through the years.

Pupils from the primary school will, following guidance from Northwich Town Council grounds staff, be involved in the planting of the Memorial before the unveiling.

Cllr Janet Myerscough-Illidge, mayor of Northwich, said: “This is a fantastic project that will see the War Memorial totally refurbished in time to mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War 1.

“Northwich Town Council have worked in partnership with Proffitts CIC, Witton Church Walk School, Carolyn Shepard and Alan Lowe to secure the funding and bring the project to life.

“We are very proud to have such a beautiful memorial in memory of the fallen in our town which will be further enhanced with the forthcoming improvements.”