MAX Johnson has been welcomed home to the news that he has inspired Theresa May to change the law on organ donation.

The nine-year-old, from Winsford, spent 10 months at Freeman Hospital Newcastle-upon-Tyne after being diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy last December.

Much of that time was spent waiting for a heart transplant, and Max's story inspired the Daily Mirror, in a campaign backed by the Guardian, to push for the Government to adopt an opt-out organ donor scheme in England.

Now, the prime minister has written to Max to tell him that the Government will push ahead with plans to introduce the legislation – and it will be known as Max's Law.

"We're just amazed that it's happening so quickly and the law is going to be changed," said Emma Johnson, Max's mum.

"And when he got the letter from Mrs May to say it will be called Max's Law, it was really amazing.

"I think the part Max has played in the campaign meant that people could understand what it must be like to wait for a transplant.

"He's thrilled to bits. He wants the letter to be framed and put up on the wall."

Max returned home after a period of recovery at Freeman Hospital following his transplant in the summer, and he is now preparing to return to St Oswald’s Worleston Primary School, in Nantwich, part-time from next month.

Emma is delighted to have the family together again, especially for older brother and Grange School pupil Harry, who was inspired to raise funds for the Sick Children's Trust while his brother was 180 miles away.

"It's really nice to have a full house again, and Max is having fun listening to music," Emma said.

"He's got his dad's old record player so he can play vinyl, and he likes the new record shop in town [Electric Church].

"Harry's more settled now that Max is home too - we are all feeling very positive, and I think Max is looking forward to going back to school."

Max is still in a three-month quarantine period following his transplant, but he has already been given a huge welcome home from the people of Winsford.

Emma added: "They are all so thrilled to bits.

"We can't have visitors around at the moment but there is a queue of people waiting to see him when he is out of that."