PRIMARY school children have produced radio interviews about their favourite places.

Part of Saltscape’s digital media project with Mako Education, the children from St Chads Primary School interviewed each other to found out what their favourite places are and why.

They went on to describe the place to someone who had never been there to explain what it looked like and what it is used for.

The children then had to explain why it was special to them and what they to do there before finally being asked to consider one thing they might change about that place and why.

Sean O’Hare, from Mako Education, said: “The aim of the program is to use media production to engage young people with their local landscapes.

“All of the participants scripted, recorded, edited and broadcast their audio podcasts in a single session learning lots of new skills in the process.

“We’re very proud of all of the students who took part and all of the hard work that they put into creating their podcasts.”

Favourite places included Winsford Library, Winsford Lifestyle Centre, Chester Park, the skate ramp, Leaf Lane Park and Knight’s Grange Park.

You can listen to the children’s podcasts in the news section at