GRANDAD and former bus driver Kevin Jones, has been spreading the winner’s luck in Crewe after winning £6.1 million on the national lottery last year.

Kevin, who was born and brought up in Crewe and scooped the Lotto jackpot a year ago, decided to celebrate his first anniversary of becoming a lottery winner by going out in his home town to spread some of his good luck and fortune.

Kevin, who was forced to work long shifts as a bus driver to make ends meet prior to his life-changing win, hired a butler for the day with wife, Michele, and spent time giving people in Crewe a taste of the millionaire lifestyle.

Kevin, 58, and Michele, 57, handed out golden envelopes with Lotto tickets inside to people out shopping. The butler also shined shoes for passersby, held umbrellas to protect shoppers from the showers and even fanned down shoppers.

Helping with shopping bags and assisting pensioners on to the bus also formed part of Kevin and Michele’s programme of good-will gestures for the day.

Kevin said: “We cannot believe it is one year since our lives changed forever.

“When we were talking about how we would celebrate our first anniversary since becoming lottery winners we both said we really wanted to give something back and do something which would benefit others.”

Despite winning the huge sum of money on May 18 last year and moving into their dream home in Sandbach, Kevin and Michele, who worked as a classroom assistant, wanted to remain close to Crewe and all of their friends.

Kevin added: “We love it in this area and have lots of friends here so definitely didn’t want to move far away.

“Charity is something which has always been close to both of our hearts and winning the lottery has enabled us to do so much more to help even more people.

“There is something really special about bringing smiles to faces and I just hope that some of the golden envelopes which we have handed out today do contain winning tickets. I want as many people as possible to be able to live the dream – just like Michele and I are doing every single day.”