ACCUSATIONS of a dead mouse making its way into a bag of protein powder sold by a Northwich company have been branded ‘malicious’.

Last week a regional newspaper reported how a reader claimed he had discovered a dead mouse in his pack of Myprotein.

After investigating, Myprotein, part of the Rudheath-based The Hut Group, has branded the accusations as ‘fake news’.

A statement from Myprotein said: “You may have seen a malicious claim regarding a ‘foreign object’ in one of our products recently.

“Due to the severity of the accusation, and the pride we take in our quality and safety processes, we are compelled to set the record straight, and stand against ‘fake news’ and ‘false claims’.

“The conclusive production investigation and third party accredited laboratory tests have proven without doubt, that the ‘foreign object’ was not present in the pouch when it left the Myprotein production facility, and in fact became deceased in early April, two-and-a-half weeks after being purchased by the customer.

“Many thanks go to our awesome loyal customers who have stood alongside us.”

The story was also reported in various national news outlets.

MyProtein said will be taking ‘appropriate legal action’ against all parties involved.

Thousands of people took to Facebook in support of Myprotein, which is the world’s number one online sports nutrition company.

Fitness expert Alexander Pauwels said: “Been to both factories in the UK and after having seen the production process couldn’t imagine how a mouse could get in a bag with all the precautions and screening.”

Further information about the lab report can be found via