AN AUSSIE busker that has been wowing passers-by in Northwich town centre is calling on residents to help realise his dreams.

Take a walk down Witton Street on a Thursday or Friday and you will likely here the alluring sounds of Joel Anthony and his guitar.

Joel, from Warwick in Queensland, has been performing in the town since December 2016.

The 24-year-old is trying to raise enough money to help him tour the UK.

He said: “I’m busking my heart out so I can get a van in the next few months. That would be really cool.

"I’m working extra hard so I can get one that doesn’t fall apart.”

Click play below to see him in action.

Joel, who plays a mixture of original and cover songs, usually performs in Northwich twice a week.

He also plays in Chester and other areas in west Cheshire, where buskers do not require a license.

Joel said: “The guys in Northwich are so lovely. I’d much rather play here than anywhere else.

“You meet amazing people. I get a bunch of gigs through it.

"I have some weddings coming up, just through busking, which is awesome.

“It’s just really nice that someone would come up to me and ask me to be part of something so personal to them.”

Joel first came to the UK in 2015.

After arriving in London, he eventually made his way to Chester through hitchhiking, where he now lives with his partner.

With no money in his pocket, Joel busked on the streets to survive.

“I’d never left the country before. I just quit my job, left the place I was living at to just follow my dreams I guess,” Joel said.

“It was a bit of a pivot point I think. I hated working for people. I just needed to focus on what I was doing.

“It was really scary because I didn’t know anyone over here, didn’t have any money. I was sleeping in a tent for like four months, camping in parks, but then made friends and bunked on couches.

“I was too scared to go out and busk the first time, I’d never done it before. It was really scary but it made me do it because it was literally the only way I was going to survive.”

To find out more about Joel like Joel Anthony Music on Facebook.