THE troops came out in force for the midnight screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on the opening night of Northwich Odeon in Barons Quay.

There was no danger of Wednesday’s late screening being under-attended, with more than 100 people coming out to watch the new Star Wars instalment.

Fans were in good spirits before and after the screening, particularly those who watched the film on the much-hyped iSense screen, one of only five in the UK.

Kieran Hein, 17, from Northwich, said: “I really like the cinema. Northwich has been missing a cinema, it’s not had it for a very long time.

“And it’s 40 per cent off confectionary, and I think that’ s really good compared to the really high price of Odeon normally and obviously I’ll be coming here a lot more in the future.”

Morgan Dagnall, 17, from Northwich, said the cinema was ‘absolutely fantastic’.

He said: “Northwich hasn’t had something like this since the old cinema closed down and this is really stepping it up, and the iSense is fantastic.”

Adam Miller-Bettridge, 17, from Northwich, was impressed with the latest addition to the Star Wars cannon.

He said: “It was absolutely brilliant. I loved the use of practical effects. It really showed the people who made the film cared about what they were making.

“Overall story was really good as well in contrast with the original saga.”

On Tuesday night, guests were invited to a private screening at the cinema.

Cllr Brian Clarke, Cheshire West and Chester Council cabinet member for economic development and infrastructure, was beaming with pride.

He said: “It’s been 26 years, and we’ve been working for this and now it’s arrived. I can’t believe it. It’s unbelievable, it’s an experience.

“They’re going to love it, and they will support it, and Winsford as well and all round. This will be an experience for all the people coming."

Cllr Clarke said the cinema will now serve as the ‘catalyst’ for the night-time economy.

He said there are a number of restaurants lined up to follow Wildwood, which is due to open its Barons Quay branch on December 20.

He also revealed the council were in talks with a ‘major’ retailer.

Cllr Clarke said: “There are lots of others hanging on just waiting for the major retailer to put their name forward. And as soon as they come forward, you watch all the shops will then start to fill up.

“And once that starts to happen, we’ve also got the draft masterplan for Weaver Square that will be coming out in the New Year as soon as we’ve spoken to all the land owners.

"So Northwich is on the up, and most important part is, this is the beginning."