STAR Wars fans will be out in force for a special convention at Northwich Library this Saturday.

Superfan Mike Holman, from Northwich, will be in costume along with others from around 10am to 12.30pm.

Mike, who owns a comic distribution company, and his troops will also be handing out free comics and those who attend.

Mike said: “I’ve had a love for Star Wars and all things ‘geeky’ since I was young and am excited about the fact that all of the things I still love and enjoy today are now popular amongst everyone and how it’s now trendy to be a ‘geek’.

“I loved my weekly Saturday morning trip into Northwich to scour the newsagents and indoor market for any new comics that I could find before making my way to the library to take out a new book.

“Now that my daughter enjoys her trips to the library and I’m in the lucky position to have access to more comics than ever I thought it’d be nice to share them out and the library in my lifelong home town just seemed the perfect place.”

The event coincides with the launch of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

In Northwich, Odeon in Barons Quay will be showing a number of viewings this month, including a midnight screening on Thursday.

Star Wars fans can discuss Rogue One at the library event on Saturday.

Ian Anstice, Locality Librarian for Northwich and Winsford, said: “Northwich Library has loads of books on Star Wars and, of course, many of us are big fans, so we’re delighted to host this event here. May the library force be with you.”