EMPLOYEES at Northwich fabrication firm EWL UK Limited are celebrating passing international welding standard tests.

The welding department achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, and all the welders are now qualified to BS EN ISO 9606-1, which means the Denton Drive company can provide welding services to a wider range of businesses.

Company director Ian Hughes said: “I am delighted that all our welders successfully completed this internationally-recognised welding standard.

“By achieving this standard we have secured an order in the renewable energy industry.

“This qualification will enable us to win further business in this sector and open doors in other markets, as we are now able to provide a service that not all our competitors can offer.”

EWL UK employs 18 people from the Northwich and surrounding local area.

The company provides stainless steel and mild steel welding and fabrication services to a variety of businesses in the industrial, manufacturing and food sectors.

The employees who achieved BS EN ISO 9606-1 welder approval were - Graham Wyatt, Nigel Clarke, Wayne Jackson, Sam Garlick, Alistair Finney, Tom Wright, James Scott, Reece Gee, David Mitchell, Aaron Gee and Ryan Powell.

EWL UK thanked to Pearsall Training and Consultancy, which completed the welder training.