THIS incredible footage shows a racing driver cheat death after being hurtled through the air during a British Formula 3 race at Oulton Park.

Spectators watched on in horror at Indian race driver Ameya Vaidyanathan's Carlin car flipped over and flew through the air after making contact with South African Sisa Ngebulana.

Vaidyanathan was making his way through the field on lap seven of the first race of the weekend at the Cheshire circuit after losing four places at the start of Saturday’s race.

Medical staff immediately attended the wreckage and transported Vaidyanathan the medical centre at the track.

Incredibly, he walked away walking away unscathed after being given the all clear by medical staff.

Speaking after the incident, he said: "Ngebulana had a poor exit out of the first corner and we were side-by-side heading into the flat kink heading into Cascades.

"Unfortunately our wheels touched and after that my view was quite disturbing. I felt quite a few big hits but I have no idea what direction they were in or where they came from," he added.

“I am just very thankful to the people at Tatuus for the strength of the car, the people involved in the championship too and everyone in the team for all their support.

"Once the accident finished, I was in quite a bit of shock but once that initial traumatic period had subsided then it was all ok."

Vaidyanathan’s car was rebuilt on Sunday by his Carlin team. He took to the track again on Monday, finishing 18th out of 21.