‘TROUBLESOME’ youths have been slapped with temporary bans from McDonald’s in Northwich following a spate of anti-social behaviour.

Police officers held crunch talks with management last month following several incidents at the High Street fast food restaurant.

A McDonald’s spokesman told the Guardian a ‘small number of minor incidences’ had taken place involving individuals who demonstrated ‘unacceptable behaviour’.

“Under police guidance, these individuals have been given temporary orders restricting them from using our restaurant,” the spokesman said.

“Our team will continue to work closely with the police and local community to ensure our restaurant remains welcoming and family-friendly for all of our customers.

“We take a zero tolerance approach towards anti-social behaviour.”

Insp Dave Snasdell, from Northwich Local Policing Unit, said several ‘troublesome youths’ have been given three-month bans.

A number or strict guidelines have also been introduced in the store to help reduce anti-social behaviour in the store.

These include time restrictions and a reduction in access to the free Wi-Fi.

Cheshire Police has also increased patrols outside the store, and Ins Snasdell said officers would ‘deal robustly’ with youths who cause problems on the High Street.

He said: “We have collated incidents and had around 10 youths in for anti-social behaviour discussions with our ASB unit and their parents.

“We have had a meeting with the management of McDonald's in early May to try and resolve some of the issues.

“The management team have been aware of our expectations and for them to deal with incidents robustly and to be consistent.”

Following the meeting, McDonald’s management have agreed to train all staff in dealing with anti-social behaviour, including completing a step-by-step escalation module.

“Some of the actions to resolve issues will be implemented by the store to support staff and to make sure all users of the facility can enjoy their meals free from anti-social behaviour,” Insp Snasdell said.

“These actions have been used in other premises effectively, including Winsford.

“As a result of these actions we have already seen a reduction in incidents reported.

“I will use our powers if required to prevent further incidents occurring.”

Insp Snasdell also gave a warning to parents.

He said: “Parents have a responsibility to ensure their children behave whilst outside their homes.

“Don’t be surprised if the police turn up at your door if your children have been causing problems.”