WINE bar plans in the centre of Davenham have met with a mixed reaction from residents and Guardian readers.

A proposal has been submitted to change the use of a former hairdressing salon, in London Road, to a wine bar on the ground floor with separate bed and breakfast accommodation above.

London Road residents spoke out against the plans at the latest meeting of Davenham Parish Council.

"We've got really big concerns around this – parking, the opening hours they're proposing, deliveries and the collection of waste," one woman said.

Another woman added: "As you know, parking in the village is at a premium and if you've got people coming and going from a wine bar we are never going to be able to park outside our houses.

"We're never going to be able to sleep because we're going to have revellers coming out.

"We have grave concerns."

Cllr Arthur Wood said: "I would like to hope it's a complete non-starter.

"That's one of the worst bottlenecks in the village with cars parked on both sides of the road."

The proposed opening hours for the wine bar are 9pm to 11pm every day.

Guardian readers were fairly positive about the plans on Facebook, although they agreed that parking was an issue.

Trish Barlow said: "Good idea but there is nowhere to park."

Mark Hodkinson said: "Coupled with Bargain Booze and hairdressers parking will certainly slow down traffic through a standstill."

Sarah Barker said: "Why not....houses being built everywhere so defo room for a wine bar too."

Steven Grzonkowski said; "There is hardly any parking at Hartford by Relish but everyone seems to cope we need this to bring people into the village and make it vibrant.

"We are lucky to have pubs and restaurants that are full and with all the new housing this will be welcome."

Amanda Dutton said: "Lovely idea but good luck with the approval......if rejected go for a tea room instead – we definitely need one of those!"