RESEARCH will be carried out to find out what can be done to improve an 'eye sore' in Moulton.

Moulton Parish Council has been discussing the future for the garage area at the back of Regent Street, which has long been branded a grot spot by residents.

Cllr Christine Bowie, from the council's special projects committee, said: "In order to develop the land we think the parish council needs to contact land agents in the first place and get some advice – what's the land worth? What can we do with it potentially? Do we sell it? Do we do it ourselves?

"Most importantly, we need to talk to residents about what they think they want.

"We want a public meeting for them to put forward their ideas and thoughts.

"Maybe we should go to Cheshire Association of Local Councils for advice in the first place and feed back to the whole village in the spring newsletter.

"It's important how we move forward with it because there's land there and it has been said by residents that they want it improved because it's a bit of an eye sore."

Ideas raised in the past include using the land for a village hall and a car park.

A meeting would follow the publication of a newsletter, which is not expected until May.

"But we need some information," Cllr Bowie said.

"There's no use having a public meeting without anything to say to people because we haven't had a look at what the land's worth and what we can do."