ANTI-FRACKING protesters gathered outside an MP's jobs fair in Hartford on Thursday.

Members and supporters of Frack Free Northwich held a peaceful protest outside Mid Cheshire College, in Chester Road, during the Jobs and Apprenticeships Fair organised by Weaver Vale MP Graham Evans.

This followed Mr Evans' comments in support of fracking during a debate about onshore oil and gas in the House of Commons.

Northwich resident Sarah Barr attended the protest.

She said: "I attended the Jobs Fair protest because I am concerned about the detrimental effect of fracking on the environment both locally and globally.

"MP Graham Evans seems to be echoing the drilling companies' and his own government's spin about its safety and necessity, so I went along to show solidarity with other constituents of Weaver Vale who question these views and favour instead massively increased funding of renewable energy as the way forward to fight climate-change, and I also hoped to do my small bit towards raising awareness locally about fracking and all its implications.

"On the day, although we were small in number, we waved highly visible yellow anti-fracking signs and were delighted by the response of numerous passing motorists, cyclists and pedestrians who waved, hooted, and voiced their support.

"It was a very positive and uplifting experience.

"We had two small children amongst the group which to me brought home the importance of protecting our precious world for future generations to enjoy."

During the debate at Westminster Mr Evans, chairman of the chemical industry all-party group and co-chairman of the energy-intensive industries all-party group, said the process could be carried out safely if the best engineering practices and robust inspection are used.

He added that the safety and security of people, homes and businesses is paramount.