WINSFORD’s only public toilets are to close due to ‘physical abuse’, ‘drug taking’ and ‘anti-social behaviour’.

Dingle Walk public toilets, based in Winsford Cross Shopping Centre, are due to close after trading on the evening of Monday, February 29.

Notice of the closure was posted up outside the public toilets last week.

The letter, written by Stewart Porter, centre manager, said: “Unfortunately, this is due to, the sustained physical abuse and damage to the toilets, constant stealing of toiletries, drug taking, and other inappropriate anti-social behaviour.

“We have unfortunately reached the point where it is no longer commercially viable to continue offering the use of these facilities to the public.”

Winsford Cross Shopping Centre is owned by Mar Properties, which are based in Ireland, and maintained by Town Centre Management.

“The costs of maintaining the services, including the regular unblocking of toilet systems, continued vandalism of all toilet ware is simply prohibitive,” the letter said.

“We have physically reached the stage where we are unable to satisfactory continue repairs, replace, install or re-fix toilet ware, safely or sufficiently to the relevant walls and floors.”

“We can only apologise in having to take this very regrettable action however, both the obvious physical and financial limitations in trying to provide and maintain these facilities in the face of the long term destructive actions of the public have we reached an unsustainable position.”

Mr Porter told the Guardian he had to ‘make a stance’ following countless problems with the facilities.

He confirmed the situation will be ‘reviewed’ in the near future.

Insp Dave Snasdell, from Northwich Local Policing Unit, said there have been no incidents reported to the police in relation to the issues raised.