A VILLAGE police officer will not be part-funded by Kingsmead residents.

The PCSO that covers Moulton, Davenham and Kingsmead is paid for by Cheshire Police and Moulton and Davenham parish councils, which invited Kingsmead Parish Council to contribute.

But councillors say there is no need to put any money towards the two councils' £12,000 bill as police are obliged to target crime anyway.

Cllr Paul Salmon said: "Does anyone feel that we need a PCSO to cover Kingsmead more than we do currently?

"Does anyone feel in danger from some kind of crime wave?

"Do we need to spend money to get something we might not receive and already get anyway?

"Police have to deal with crime – if you have a problem they have to look at it."

Cllrs Nick Harris and Christine Bowie spoke to Kingsmead Parish Council at its January meeting and explained that as a funder the council would have more say over the issues it wants the PCSO to focus on.

Cllr Helen Weltman, a Kingsmead parish councillor and also ward councillor for Davenham and Moulton on Cheshire West and Chester Council, said: "Police do use the extra money for targeting," she said.

"I asked if the PCSOs were all speed trained and was told that most are but if we wanted a speed trained PCSO that would be targeted.

"Davenham and Moulton used to have a lot of anti-social behaviour but with PCSO targeting that and having more of a presence it has gone right down."

Cllr Brian Done said: "We wouldn't get any more call on them than we do currently, that's the bit I don't get.

"We can raise issues with the police anyway, we can do that for nothing."

The council agreed not to contribute towards the cost of the PCSO based on the information they have received so far.