POLICE and community wardens will be patrolling a Moulton road to stop people parking up and dumping litter.

Concerns have been raised that Jack Lane is becoming a hot spot for litter near to its junction with the A533.

Cllr Christine Bowie, from Moulton Parish Council, said: "It's just embarrassing for the village.

"People just park up and tip it all out of the window –KFC and McDonalds wrappers, bottles of drink.

"It really is a tip and it's just all the time."

She added: "I've had a lot of visitors and to think people come from all over the country and that's what they see – it's horrible."

Cllr Helen Weltman, Cheshire West and Chester Council member for Davenham and Kingsmead, said she has flagged this up with Street Scene.

"They have escalated it and will send out some enforcement officers," she said.

PC Diane Woodward, who covers the village, said: "Going back a few years there was a particular problem of people bagging up rubbish from their cars and lobbing it.

"We never solved it and it's probably going to be one of those unsolvable problems.

"However, we can give it attention and see what we can do."