CAR parking around Northwich's new leisure centre is causing concern for visitors, residents and councillors.

The car park at Northwich Memorial Court was formerly 24 hours but the limit was reduced to four hours when the new facility opened in May.

Northwich Town Council raised concerns at its meeting in April that the change could cause motorists to park in the nearby residential roads instead.

Councillors asked Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC), which is responsible for car parks and highways, to look into residents' permits and a one-way system to stop drivers using Percy Street as a rat run from Chesterway.

Speaking at the latest town council meeting Chris Shaw, town council clerk, said proposals were still being developed by CWAC's highways department ready to consult residents but that there was no timescale given for this as the department is short staffed.

Cllr Brian Jamieson said: "We had a meeting in this room at the end of March about this issue because people in Percy Street, Priory Street, School Way and Whalley Road are now being boxed in by cars.

"This decision should have been taken before they changed parking on that car park to four hours.

"It's affecting all that side of town."

He asked the council to insist on a further meeting with CWAC's highways department and councillors agreed, adding that highways should come armed to the meeting with answers.

Cllr Derek Bowden said: "It's like nailing jelly to the wall to pin these people down.

"Are we being too polite and understanding of people being understaffed?

"We have a town here with some serious problems."

He added: "We're meeting prevarication, it's going on and on and on and things need doing."